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Spicy Thai Cuisine

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Spicy Thai Cuisine

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Traditional Thai Cuisine has various dishes of hot and spicy food. They are stir-fried dishes, hot and sour soup and especially spicy and sour salads or yam dishes. Apart from their magnificent taste hot and spicy dishes are the perfect dish for those who are health conscious. They contain little fat and low calories but high nutritional value. Above all, they are easy to make.

Yam Kung, Yam Pla Meuk, Yam Sam Sahai, Yam Thai Noi, Yam Khamoi, Yam Pla Fu, Yam Som-O, Kung Ten, Phla Pla Meuk, Mu Ma-nao, Yam Phrik Chi Fa, Yam Phrik Yuak, Tap Wan, Tom Yam Pla Chawn, Tom Yam Kha Mu, Keang Som Pla Chawn Krob.