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Thai Sticky Rice Steamer Set

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Thai Sticky Rice Steamer

Set Consisting Of:

Aluminum Steaming Pot & Bamboo Basket

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Thai sticky rice makes an excellent basis for your next Thai dinner. With our rice steamer cooking is a breeze. Just presoak the rice at least 4 hours and cook in the conical-shaped basket placed over boiling water. Cover with any pot lid until cooked through.


Suspend the bamboo basket (huat in Thai) over several inches of fully boiling water in the Thai steamer pot or other similar-sized pot to steam pre-soaked sticky rice covered with any pot lid. Pre-soak the sticky rice at least 4 hours or overnight before cooking. The basket may be used to drain the rice after soaking.


To remove any odor before using, allow the basket to sit for a few days with a baking soda and water paste. Then scrub and rinse well before using. To clean after use, soak the basket in warm water after use to remove any rice, using a soft brush if needed and drip dry.


Basket made from handwoven bamboo in Thailand.