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Khao Shong Instant Coffe (Caramel)

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Khao Shong Instant Coffee (Caramel)

For a smoother taste and aroma, with a hint of caramel (92% coffee, 8% caramel)

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Khao Shong Agglomerated Instant Coffee Mixture

For a smoother taste and aroma, with a hint of caramel (92% coffee, 8% caramel).

Khao Shong coffee was founded in 1959 at the Khao Kra Shong National Park in Trang province, southern Thailand. It began When Mr. Chira Chiralerspong, the founder, noticed that wild coffee beans were scattered on both sides of the road. He picked it up and found that they are coffee beans.


Mr. Chira, through his experience in the observation of coffee production in Indonesia, had collected the wild coffee beans at the Park and roasted it in different ways until he found the perfect flavour which was rich in aroma and fine taste.

In 1962, he introduced "Khao Shong Coffee" to the market using "Khao Shong" as the brand name as to recollect the place where the coffee beans were founded. Within few years, Khao Shong Coffee was popular among coffee drinkers.

In 1975 he established a roasted and ground coffee factory in Bangkok, and four years later "Khao Shong Instant Coffee", the first instant coffee in Thailand using a Thai brand name, was introduced. In 1991 Khao Shong company expanded to a new plant in Samutprakarn province close to Bangkok.