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Wanthai Silky Hair Coat

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Wanthai Silky Hair Coat

Vitamin C & Wheat Germ Oil

30 ml

Also available in 85 ml

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Suitable for every hair condition. Combine modern technologies with nature to bring out a special formula of the nourishing hair product. Researched and developed by Wanthai.

Help refine and retain moisture to the hair in normal condition, protect hair from sun light, nourishes hair retain moisture making better and smoother. Soft silk used only one time and you will know the difference.

Silicone polymer:

Help and add the beautiful sheen to your hair making the hair feel smooth, soft and lively.

Wheat Germ oil:

Pure oil rich with vitamin E help develop strong and complete hair roots.

Material derived from orange skin:

Help nourish hair roots and hair skin, make regular blood circulation.

Vitamin C:

Give valuable nourishment efficiently, prevent itchiness and heal wounds on the scalp.


Apply after washing; to towel dried moist hair, press the head button, drop only a little Wanthai Silky Hair Coat on your hand, and apply to the hair.