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Rice Noodles in Nam Ya Curry


Rice Noodles in Nam Ya Curry

Ingredients (serves 3-4 persons)

Lobo Nam Ya Curry Paste 1 packet
Cooked fish 100 g (3.5 oz)
Coconut milk 2 cups (480 ml.)
Fish sauce


Nam Ya Curry with noodles is a typical dish of Thais, living for hundreds of years in the central plains. Because of its ingredients such as galangal, shallots and lemongrass, Nam Ya Curry is believed to be of some medicinal benefit.

  • Grind fish and knead with the Nam Ya Curry Paste.
  • Bring coconut milk just to the boil and add mixture.
  • Flavour with fish sauce to taste. Remove once boiled.
  • Serve with rice noodles, pickled cabbage, bean sprouts and other fresh vegetables.



  • Instant coconut milk and canned tuna can be used for your convenience.
  • Do not grind fish totally to ensure a thick and pleasant texture.
  • One popular side item to serve with Rice Noodles in Nam Ya Curry is boiled eggs in halves sliced.