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Shrimp and Mixed Vegetables in Sour Kaang Som Curry


Shrimp and Mixed Vegetables in Sour Kaang Som Curry

Ingredients (serves 3-4 persons)

Lobo Sour Vegetable Curry Paste 1 packet
Shrimp or fish 200 g (7 oz)
Water 2 cups (480 ml)
White cabbage, yard long bean, Chinese radish and unripe papaya


“Som” means orange colour, and it’s the colour of this tasty curry. The delicious ‘sweet & sour’ taste is light and unique. It is a non-coconut curry.

  • Split shrimp or fish in 2 portions. Boil 1 portion, grind it and mix with Sour Vegetable Curry Paste.
  • Add water to the pot, boil, add mixture and simmer until boiled.
  • Add chopped vegetables, and remaining shrimp or fish.
  • Allow curry to boil, flavour to taste then remove from stove. Serve with cooked rice.


  • A proper Sour Kaang Som Curry has a hint of sourness, slightly salty and slightly sweet. Fish or shrimp used must be fresh. Only add meat when soup is boiling.
  • Fried rabbit fish and fried eggs go well to serve with Sour Kaang Som Curry.
  • Choose any vegetables you wish for this dish. Thai herbs like horseradish, cork wood flowers and ivy gourd are healthy choices.
  • Garden vegetables and the green part of watermelon, in bite sized chunks, can be used in Sour Kaang Som Curry.