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Sour Vegetable Curry with Simmered Shrimp


Sour Vegetable Curry with Simmered Shrimp

Ingredients (serves 3-4 persons)

Lobo Sour Vegetable Curry Paste 1 packet
Coarsely chopped shrimps 200 g (7 oz)
Coconut milk 500 cc
Chopped red onion 150 g (5.25 oz)
Palm sugar 2 tablespoons
Wet tamarind 2 tablespoons
Egg 1
Cooked shrimps for garnish 3-5
Chopped chilli of three colours
Fresh vegetables and rice crackers as side items


Shrimp is readily available everywhere in Thailand, and is often used as one dish in a meal. In Thailand, it is usual to serve two or three different dishes that people share to make a complete meal. This is one dish that is very popular.

  • Heat coconut milk until it breaks into bubbles. Add Sour Vegetable Curry Paste and stir.
  • Once coconut milk boils, add chopped shrimps and stir. Add red onion and chilli. Flavour with palm sugar, wet tamarind, and simmer until chilli is cooked.
  • Add egg and stir. Remove when egg is cooked.
  • Transfer to a plate or bowl and garnish with cooked shrimps and chilled fresh vegetables. Serve with crispy rice crackers.


  • The coconut milk used should be condensed to ensure richness of flavour and aroma.
  • Fresh vegetables conventionally served with this dish are all kinds of eggplants, cucumber, olive leaves, morning glory, banana flower, coriander leaves, green shallots, yard long bean, wing bean, sweet basil leaves and star gooseberry sprouts.