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Thai Fish Platter with Stove

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Thai Fish Platter

With Stove for Charcoal

40 cm

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Thai Fish Platter with Stove is a fish shape platter with stove. It keeps your food warm. It's good for fish dishes or soup. This will make your meal more pleasant.

It is made from aluminium and consists of 3 pieces; platter, stove base and inside grill for holding charcoal. The platter is about 40 cm long.

Thailand is famous for its seafood and fresh fish dishes. Steamed and saucy fish recipes are favourite ways to prepare fish, making this deep platter perfect for catching all the delicious flavours and aromas.

Fish is often served whole with the head and tail in Asia because the head of a fresh fish is especially appreciated for its sweet meat and is often reserved for the guest of honour.

Simple presentations such as whole fish steamed with lemongrass and garnished with chopped spicy Thai chili, fish sauce and slices of lime or lemon is one example of a common Thai fish dish.

More elaborate presentations may include frying the fish whole and preparing a separate sweet and sour tamarind sauce which is poured over the crispy fish.