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Siang Pure Inhaler

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Siang Pure Inhaler

Menthol Inhaler

Pack contains 6 inhalers

2 ml

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Siang Pure's Inhaler helps clear a blocked nose. It gives fast, natural relief and helps make it easier to breathe freely - In a handy personal pocket pack.


Special Features:

  • Helps clear blocked nose due to colds, flu, hay fever or sinusitis
  • Helps make it easier to breathe freely
  • Fast, natural relief anytime
  • Includes effective essential oils of eucalyptus, peppermint and mentol
  • Handy personal pocket and purse pack



  • For the relief of mucus congestion from the nasal passages
  • Relief of nasal congestion from colds, influenza, hay fever and sinusitis
  • Helps clear a stuffy, blocked or running nose
  • Makes it easier to breathe freely
  • Relief of symptoms of colds
  • Effective for relief of inflammation due to insect bites



Inhale and breathe freely. While holding one nostril closed, inhale medicated vapours through the other nostril. Use as often as required. Close tightly after use.

The inhaler should be used by one person only. The use of a single inhaler by more than one person may cause or spread infection.


Active Ingredients:

Menthol 55.90%

Peppermint Oil 3.727%

Camphor 4.969%

Borneol 9.00%

Eucalyptus Oil 6.20%