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Poy-Sian Inhaler (Ya Dom)

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Poy-Sian Menthol Inhaler

2 ml

1 pack contains 6 inhalers

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Poy-Sian Menthol Inhaler's are the most popular inhaler is Thailand. Thai people use these inhalers constantly - all day long to refresh their sinus but they are mostly used just for the smell.


What Is It Used For?

Poy-Sian Inhalers can be used for colds, flu and to clear sinus and blocked nasal passages. It’s also used for vertigo or just to inhale.

Why Is It In Three Parts?

Poy-Sian Inhalers come in three parts as it’s not a normal nasal inhaler. In the bottom of the inhaler is a small reservoir to hold the essential oil for inhaling. Then comes the actual nasal inhaler, and the top fits on that. As there is a small reservoir of essential oil you can dab a small amount on your head to cure headaches or put a few drops in a handkerchief or on a pillow at night to inhale.



Menthol 42.0%, Camphor 16.4%, Eucalyptus oil 8.5%, Borneol 6.1%

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