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Wanthai Hair Tonic Spray for Dry Hair & Scalp

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Wanthai Hair Tonic Spray

For dry hair & scalp

100 ml

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Wanthai Hair Tonic For Dry Hair & Scalp

Salient features:

Prevent hair loss, to reduce itching, anti dandruff, strengthening hair-roots, reducing hair-root inflammation, preventing premature grey-hair, giving your hair and elegant look, cleaning dirt and undesired after-treatment chemical residues, encouraging new hair growth providing a refresh feeling after use.

For Dry Hair & Scalp:

By technical innovation and proper arrangement of natural extracts especially the high medical value of ginseng extract in the formulation, make our ginseng hair tonic suit for those who are facing hair problems.


Spray Ginseng Hair Tonic onto your scalp and massage gently and thoroughly after shampooing at night or in the morning. In order to obtain best results, we recommend you to sue our Ginseng Shampoo together with our Ginseng Hair Tonic.


Main ingredients:

  • Ginseng extract:
    • Having anti hair-loss property and a good blood circulation stimulant.
  • Wheat germ oil:
    • Enriched with natural vitamin E, help to strengthen hair-roots and nourishing scalp.
  • Macadamia nut oil:
    • A high pure skin food material and has the property to increase hair sheen and to moisturize the scalp.
  • Moss extract:
    • A mild natural anti-microbial and having a green fresh aroma.
  • Sage oil:
    • Anti-inflammatory herb and encouraging new hair-growth.

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